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Oroville School District One to One initiative
Thoughts by Ed Naillon

Oroville School District began a one to one device initiative in 2013, after putting tablet devices in the hands of administrators and instructors in 2012. We chose to use iPads at Oroville School District for the Following reasons:

Largest Pool of Educational Apps
Longest Battery Life
Best Reliability with moderate to rough use
Most reliable and virus free Operating System
A large pool of Districts, Vendors and other resources catering to iPads in Education

What is an iPad and what can it do for our students?

An iPad is a handheld tablet device that is connected to the network and provides full internet access for web research, email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, electronic textbook access and much more. They are a fully functional computing device providing nearly the same capabilities that we have come to expect from larger, bulkier desktop and laptop computers.

As of 2/26/2015 I have configured 528 units for Oroville School District, and these devices are currently in use by educators and students. I have deployed Student Units in the following ways to provide for flexibility as the program grew:

Rolling Labs

2 Labs to be checked out by instructors in the Elementary
2 Labs to be checked out by instructors in the JR/SR High
3 Classroom Labs assigned to teachers in the Elementary
3 Classroom Labs assigned to teachers in the JR High

Individual Units

Shared Classroom Units in the Primary area
Dedicated units to Special Education and Bilingual programs
Student Assigned Units assigned to specific 9-12 students

The more iPads that we have, the more educators can count on them as resources and integrate them into the classroom routine. Device usage at the Elementary, JH and Select HS classrooms is very high. Usage at the High School level is improving as more units find student hands.