English Language Development
Welcome to the English Language Development Program (ELD)

The Oroville School District ELD program provides academic services to English language learners while they learn English in our schools.  Our goal is to support students in their efforts to learn English and meet challenging language proficiency standards. Our ELD specialist works closely with staff to ensure their understandings of each student's knowledge, academic history and strengths in the classroom.  The district is committed to on-going, job-embedded, professional development.  Professional development focuses on addressing the linguistic needs of students through language acquisition processes, differentiation, use of the WIDA standards, and research based instructional practices such as  Guided Language Acquisition Design.

Identifying English Language Learners

Families registering students are required to complete a Home Language Survey, which includes, "What language did your child first learn to speak?", "What language does your child use the most at home?"  "What primary language is used most in the home?"  If the answer to any question is something other than English, your student is administered the WIDA English Language Proficiency Assessment.  The screener measures proficiency in 4-domains, reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Any student not meeting the proficient level qualifies for ELD support. 

Exiting Services 

The WIDA assessment is administered annually for qualifying students.  Students transition out of the program by achieving a passing score and reaching the proficient level.  Students transitioning out are progress monitored and supported for 2 years after reaching proficient.