BrainFlex Summer Challenge

Greetings Parents! Summer is HERE!

While your children are probably looking forward to free time with friends, many teachers and parents are concerned about "summer slide" - the common decline in students' academic skills over summer break. There are things that you can do as a parent to not only prevent summer learning loss, but also to give your child a head start on next year's learning. Preventing learning loss doesn't require a huge time commitment, it just requires consistency. A little practice each day goes a long way. In addition to visiting local museums or borrowing books from your local library, I'd like to suggest using CK-12 BrainFlex. CK-12 provides high -quality, online education materials for students and teachers. It's easy to use, it's free and your child can use it anytime, anywhere.

Encourage your child to do one simple thing this summer: practice every day.

Here's all you need to do:

1. Visit ‚Äčand click 'I accept the challenge'.

2. Choose math and science topics for your child to focus on this summer.

3. Designate yourself as your child's "coach". - You will receive updates on your child's progress, as well as notifications if your child misses a day of practice.