Approved Walking Routes - Please click on the file below of a map to see the safe and approved walking routes to school are located.


In the case of inclement weather, we will advise everyone online of any changes as well as attempt to contact local radio and TV stations. In some cases, we may even use an automatic calling system that has been very successful in the past. The Oroville School District generally operates on regular schedule on heavy snow days as drivers are trained and accustomed to the conditions and our busses are equipped with the proper gear to run during inclement weather. Both the City and County do a spectacular job in clearing the main roads and bus lines as well, so historically speaking, we have not had to cancel or delay school for years.


Oroville School District's First School Bus. This is a 1934 or 1935 model. It was both built and driven by Erwin Edward Curtis "Ruben". The body could actually be removed to be able to use it to haul fruit during the harvest. The exhaust pipe went down the center of the floor to provide heat for those in the bus. It had benches on each of the sides.